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Floor preparation is essential in any sports hall, and it is important to get the line marking and sealing done properly. There are many factors to consider when preparing a sports hall floor, such as the type of surface that is being used and the sports that will be played. In this blog post, we will discuss the process of line marking and sealing in a sports hall, and how to make sure that the floor is ready for use.

Quoting For The Job

moisture readings

During the quote visit, we measured up it all and check the moisture level of the air and the temperature. We also had a walk around the sports hall to see what sports are played there, how often and when. This is so we could make sure that we give the correct advice on what type of line markings would be best for the sports hall. During the quote visit temperature wasn’t good enough for the sports lines and a protective layer of lacquer to cure properly. We advised in our method statement that we require a certain range of temperature and humidity to actually do the job. Also, ventilation is a very important part of the process when the finished floor I drying.

Prep & Advise

After deciding on the type of surface and the sports that will be played, we will then determine the layout of the lines and markings. This is done by taking into account the size of the room and the equipment that will be used. Once we have determined the layout, we will then create a template for the lines and markings. This template is then used to create the lines and markings on the floor.

The above would be a typical approach but this job was newly built and they had it all planned, drawn with the line thickness and colour specification.

The Job

Once all agreed we came in and abraded the floor, reducing surface tension and cleaning it thoroughly. We applied the line-markings, using a specialised paint that is designed for sports floors. This paint is extremely durable and can withstand wear and tear. Once the lines dried we locked them under 2 coats of Dr Shutz PU sealer suitable for this type of flooring – Tarkett Lumaflex and Omnisport Compact flooring.

All the moisture was double-checked on the day of the start and the day we started putting the sealer. Entrances were blocked off for any unwanted traffic.

The main client had a walk around in a few days and was very happy with the work done.

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Sports Hall Lining and Sealing in London

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