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Ipe Lapacho Wood Floor Sanding

Our Sanding Job in London

Ipe Lapacho wood floor sanding job in London – Ipe is an exotic wood from South America. It is one of the hardest wood on our planet. Therefore, Ipe lapacho wood floor sanding is almost impossible to get absolutely perfect. Maybe thanks to our state of the art equipment or Wojtek :), we have managed to sand it to a scratch-free and beautiful finish, so the client was over the moon with the result.

Ipe lapacho wood floor sanding is challenging not only because of its hardness. In addition, it may also react oddly with different types of finishes, especially water-based. Therefore, in an ideal world, you are supposed to use solvent rather than water-based lacquer. These lacquers are horrible for the health of the person while applying and furthermore, they also have an irritating smell even for up to two weeks after work is completed. As a result, when using solvent-based lacquers, you should always notify the neighbours about the smell and risks involved. Obviously, follow health and safety regulations and common sense while using those products and always read the label and contact the manufacturer if needed

Primer for Ipe Lapacho floor

Ipe is so hard that water has difficulty penetrating it. Due to that fact, if water-based primers are used, they may probably not bring all the colours and it will likely end up with a dull and boring finish. Hence, the only option is a solvent-based primer from Pallmann. It is much more difficult to apply rather than water-based and requires 2 coats. The end product looks amazing and as a result, you will avoid problems with chemical reactions. The picture shows the difference between freshly sanded floor and with the primer applied.

Lacquers for Ipe Lapacho

As much as solvent-based lacquers should be used, we took a chance with water-based. There is a risk of pigments reacting with water-based lacquer, so a test must be carried out prior to application. While testing one area of the floor, this will not guarantee for the finish to fix properly elsewhere. It is important to clarify this with the client and both sides, the client and contractor must agree to take that risk.

Luckily we achieved amazing results with water-based, 2 component lacquer Pall-X 98 and giving the floor the protection it needs over the years of use. From the reaction of the client, it seems that the choice of this finish was fantastic.

Can you stain the Ipe?

Generally, it is not advised to stain any tropical wood floor. They are beautiful as they are. Although we can offer wood staining to other timbers.

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