Slate Cleaning Method

We have a tried and tested method when it comes to slate cleaning in London, achieving exceptional results.

Your slate flooring needs to be cared for properly, that’s where the services of Silver Lining Floor Care come into play. You won’t find a better, more capable team of floor care specialists than the professionals at Silver Lining Floor Care.

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Right People with the Right Tools

We’re dedicated slate floor care specialists, having worked with countless domestic and commercial customers up and down the UK. We proudly supply the best services as we only employ, and invest in, the best people.

You’ll want your flooring to look as stunning as possible. We will work hard to give it that real ‘wow’ factor. We can turn a dull slate floor into something that will take your breath away each and every time you walk into the room.


Fresh Look Again on your Slate Flooring

Remember how stunning your slate floor looked when it was first installed? You were probably completely bowled over. However, we bet that as time has marched on, your floor has looked less and less impressive with each passing day. People walk on floors – that’s the problem! Your floor may also have been scratched or damaged over time.

To get the best from your slate floor you really do need professional care

DIY Slate Cleaning vs Professional Slate Cleaning

Have you tried to restore your floor back to its best using off-the-shelf products?  You’ve probably been underwhelmed by the results. To get your slate flooring looking back to its best you really do need the professionals. Both professional products and professional service personnel. Fortunately, those are two things that Silver Lining Floor Care can easily provide.

We use tried and tested methods that have worked for our domestic and commercial clients time and time again. Bringing back the beauty of their slate flooring. It really means a lot to us when we see the joyful looks on the faces of our clients who simply cannot believe how wonderful their flooring looks once again. We naturally value every client we provide services for and we put one hundred per cent customer satisfaction above all other considerations.

We also complete our restoration routine by adding a layer of stone sealer to your floor. This will protect it against the everyday wear and tear of flooring life, making it easier to both clean and maintain.

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