Travertine floors are an alluring choice for those who seek natural flooring, with a definitive luxurious touch – and yet they command rigorous maintenance and meticulous care if they’re to maintain their once impressive sheen and imposing image.

Travertine Floor Cleaning London (1)With many years in the industry, we’ve developed tried, tested, and perfected the method for Travertine Cleaning in London – delivering exceptional results, as standard. Our fresh approach and innovative method for travertine floor care addresses blemishes overcomes scratches and completely eradicates dullness – replacing it with the high shine that your floors once featured.

Our team is craftsmen of their trade – with genuine expertise built on years of experience they consistently deliver industry-leading travertine floor care. Our experts, coupled with an unfailing method for travertine restoration, ensure that we complete our jobs in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional methods. We save time – and the time we save is passed onto you in the form of cost savings.

For travertine floors that are polished to perfection, the expertise of professionals is essential

Travertine Floor Cleaning London (2)Travertine floors can be breathtakingly beautiful – as suited for the kitchen with rustic charm as they are for a modern corporate space that is minimalistic throughout. Yet these floors are not without their issues – over time, they can lose their sheen, can suffer scratches, and may succumb to blemishes. Ultimately this impacts the once-perfect image of your home or commercial premises. However, travertine floor polishing is often an underestimated task – if you’ve attempted to tackle these issues you’re likely to be aware that the original finish, shine, and impeccable look of your floors are seemingly impossible to achieve once more.

We effortlessly restore travertine floors back to their beautiful best. The secret to travertine polishing that restores so effectively involves three elements – state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, industrial-grade materials, and a specialist team of tradesmen who know their craft inside out. On top of it all, we will make sure your property is well cared for as this is simply who we are.

Our travertine polishing services go beyond a quick buff and polish – to include sealing your floors throughout with robust, odor-free sealers and impregnators. For you, this simply means that your floors are quietly protected from spills, dirt, and a litany of staining materials.

Our travertine floor polishing delivers on all that we promise, every time.

Travertine Floor Cleaning London (3)Our business has grown simply because our cleaning services exceed expectations for every project we undertake (and you needn’t take only our word for it – you can read our clients’ thoughts for yourself on our testimonial page).

For travertine flooring cleaning in London (and a sparkling clean travertine floor that’s swiftly returned to its former, perfect self) choose Silver Lining Floor Care. Get in touch with our team – call on 0203 835 2294, or email us at .

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