Wood Floor Staining

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What are the wood stains?

Wood floor stains used to be a base coat to close the wood grains of permeable species like oak or ash, giving a smooth final finish. Nowadays finishes don’t usually require sealers, additionally, stains are used, especially if you want to even out unwanted colour variations. A coat of stain can substitute for the first coat of finish.

Possible Wood Floor Stains

Wood Stains Types – Technical Knowledge

There are generally two kinds of products for wood floor staining  – the tinting medium and the carrying medium. Stains typically get colour from dyes, pigments or a mixture of both. In dye stains, the colouring is dissolved in the medium. The dye stains the wood grain and is absorbed. With pigment stains, the pigment is distributed and held in suspension. The pigments aren’t absorbed and don’t actually colour the wood grain. Furthermore, they also don’t adhere as well to dyes, and their handling is more involved. Since there’s less absorption and adhesion, finishes applied over pigment stains aren’t as long-lasting as those applied over dye stains.

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Staining Your Wood Floors

Dyeing wood floors is best accomplished by two men. Make sure your floor sanding contractor knows about staining floors if this is the course of action you decide upon. Otherwise, you risk an uneven finish that is challenging to correct. Before applying any finish, your stain must be completely dry. This process makes the project more time-demanding. Read this blog to understand pricing better.

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