If your oriental rug has suffered from staining, colour damage or shrinking, and you are seeking an Oriental rug cleaning specialist, then Silver Lining Floor Care in London can help

If your oriental rug has suffered a mishap, and you now have an unpleasant-looking stain that you just cannot seem to remove, then the experts at Silver Lining Floor Care will only be too happy to help with our professional Oriental rug cleaning services.

At Silver Lining Floor Care we can provide Oriental rug cleaning to all manner of clients, both residential and commercial. We truly are the experts at all we do, and our first-class cleaning services are available throughout the London area. There are many ways in which rugs can be damaged – including shrinkage and discolouration. We know how to treat all forms of such damage.

In addition to offering rug cleaning and restoration to residential customers, we also offer a professional rug cleaning service to commercial organisations – even those with a large number of rugs. Our skilled team of rug-cleaning specialists will be able to restore all your rugs to their pristine former best. You pride yourself on the appearance of your rugs, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our services.

Oriental Rug Cleaning in London
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Engage with us and we will provide you with:

  • A variety of cleaning techniques that all deliver exceptional results
  • Cleaner rugs - meaning healthier homes and premises
  • All the methods we use are safe for pets and small children
  • Speedy, hassle-free service – we take your items and return them in double-quick time
  • Complete eradication of bugs and other nasties
  • All types of rug treated – even delicate ones
Oriental Rug Cleaning Silver Lining Floor Care

We are fully aware that your Oriental rug is important to you so we guarantee to take the very best care of it we can. Oriental rugs are fragile so they do really need expert care when it comes to cleaning and restoration. We only ever use careful, respectful techniques, and that policy has enabled us to build our reputation to become one of the leaders in our field.

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