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Teak Floor Sanding

Teak floor sanding job in London

Where does it come from and what is the use of it?

Teak floor sanding – getting some information is a great place to start. Little about teak wood first. Teak is a tropical hardwood with very distinct fragrant compared to other timbers. Although, it is very dangerous to work with as dust from sanding may cause a heart attack. If your heart is not in great condition. Due to this fact masks are advisable for those with weak hearts.

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Durability and water-resistant is the biggest value of this timber so it is used for boat building, outside construction, outdoor furniture and of course floor coverings. East and south-east Asia create a great environment for the teak forest, so these are native regions for this timber, mainly India. Teak trees grow up to 40m high. Heartwood is much darker than sapwood so it can give us big variations on colour.
kanimara teak tree

This is the largest leaving Teak tree which is 47m in height.

Plan vs reality

When we are sending the floor we never know how easy is to remove the old finish. In this particular case, it turned out that it was not easy at all. We were using diamond blades to remove the old finish and it still left melted residue on the floor, so we had gone over with diamond blades once more.

Great result for teak floor sanding in London

The job was incredibly challenging, but at the end, we managed to make this teak parquet floor looking better then customer expected. It is very rewarding to the client and to us to see how we can help you to get your floors looking often better than new with a fraction of the cost.

We started this teak floor sanding with this


and finishing with magic oil we made it look like this.

Teak floor sanding Teak floor sanding after

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