Our Mission

Our mission at Silver Lining Floor Care is simple: It is to use our extensive knowledge and experience to the maximum effect in every job that we do whilst giving our Clients true value for money.

We have the knowledge, capability and expertise accrued from our years of experience repairing, restoring and cleaning every type of flooring.

We don’t ignore the hygiene factors either. We recognize that whether it’s your home or a workplace any floor takes more punishment than almost any other part of a building. We always aim to provide a surface that is not only ascetically pleasing but also where required, as hardwearing as possible and easy to clean and maintain.

If you have a specific problem or requirement concerning flooring please just ask us. In the unlikely event that we have not come across your issue previously we have enough local and international connections in the industry to resolve your query.

We are constantly improving ourselves and keeping up to date with the latest trends and techniques by being proactive in every way – in order to benefit our customers.

Our Company Values:

  • RESPECT: We respect your time, property and money by offering a great service at excellent value to every client. We treat all our Clients and team members with respect at all times.
  • COMMUNICATION: We communicate openly and honestly at all times.
  • QUALITY: What we do, we do well. We value our customers by treating them the way we’d like to be treated ourselves and being accountable for our work.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: We support sustainability and believe in the future of our environment.
  • HEALTH & HYGENE: Is of paramount importance in all we do.
  • TEAMWORK: We are one team with every member a passionate team player. We create an environment where employees can enjoy their work, do a good job and take pride in their achievements.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Is always a constant. Good work requires time for training and commitment.
  • PRIORITIES: We separate the urgent from the detail. So if you need us now we are there. If a job is intricate we take the necessary time.
  • DIFFERENTIATION: By adhering to our values we stand out from other companies.
  • ATTITUDE: We only want the best for our customers. We value our Technicians and our Craftsmanship and we want you to value it as well. We never unnecessarily complicate matters.
  • VALUE: By abiding with the all the above our customer's get excellent value.

About Our Company

We are a London based floor restoration company servicing both Domestic and Commercial clients.

Among the floor restoration services, we provide:

  • Wood Floors - Sanding, Cleaning, Sealing, Staining and Polishing as required.
  • Natural Stone and Hard Floors - Polishing & Cleaning and Sealing as required.
  • Carpet, Upholstery & Rug Cleaning - All types as required.

We maintain full liability insurance for your peace of mind.

In the dozen years since the number of customers grew (mainly by recommendation) and the level of knowledge and experience also grew – as did the team.

We work with both commercial and domestic clients, and we take pride in each and every one of them. Over the years we have cleaned and restored all manner of flooring, with proven, successful results.

As a family-run business, we strongly believe that our values reflect the spirit of the company.

It doesn’t matter if you are seeking natural stone/wooden/tiled flooring restoration or carpet cleaning – at Silver Lining Floor Care you’re in the hands of a courteous and friendly company whom you can trust completely.

Story of Johnny

Silver Lining Floor Care was founded by Johnny Czarnota in 2006. In 2017 due to Johnny’s health issue, ha had to step away from the business for a few years.

Now Johnny is back! The new company was formed called Gravity 9,81 Ltd. Johnny is spending his time building the systems and creating the best customer service experience ever.


From the moment you contact us, you’ll know that you’ve made the right choice.

Are you still not 100% convinced that we are the right choice? Read WHY CHOOSE US page by clicking here.

To take advantage of our exceptional services, call Silver Lining Floor Care on 0203 8076 330, or drop us an email at .