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The use of insecticides when treating your carpet can be something of a tricky issue. Some insecticides can be hazardous to health and may even present a danger to your pets. That’s why here at Silver Lining Floor Care we are extremely careful in selecting the type of insecticide we use and how we use it.

If you have a woollen carpet, then moth and carpet beetle problems can be an issue as the larvae of such creatures can devour wool. If your carpet has become a breeding ground for bugs and is full of eggs then we can help you control it and repair the damage caused by it.


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Prevention is always better than cure, so to minimize your chances of problems:

  • Have your carpeting cleaned at least once a year – simply put, moths do not like the taste of clean carpets!
  • Vacuum properly – moths and their larvae love dark places
  • Move your furniture to clean in those dark and dusty places
  • Install moth traps to prevent infestation or monitor the problem
  • Have your carpet made ‘moth-repellent’
  • Have any damage caused repaired quickly
  • Have moth traps installed to prevent infestation or monitor the problem

All of the above may seem daunting or time-consuming, so do call us at 0203 835 2294 and we will help resolve any moth concerns you may have.

If you do happen to notice moths flying around your house, then that means that very probably you have some eggs and larvae breeding happily within the confines of your carpet. The infestation can spread quickly throughout your home, so it’s important to get it sorted out as quickly as possible.

Contact Silver Living Floor Care in London and we’ll be around to perform an intrinsic and safe solution to your problem. You can contact us at 0203 835 2294, or you can email us at .

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