Impeccable Finish For Your Wooden Floors

Wood floor finishes are a must for your floor surfaces to protect your hardwood from damage and provide an additional layer of strength. After years of use, your hardwood floors need refinishing to help them look as good as new again every 10 or 15 years.

However, you can only enjoy superior results when you hire professionals such as Silver Lining Floor Care for your wood floor protection. Whether it’s a new home or a refinishing project, we provide only the finest wood floor finishes that beautify your wooden floors and boost their durability


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Wood Floor Sanding in Watford

Expert Wood Floor Finishes

  • Boot Lifespan of Your Wood Floors
  • High-Quality Products for Your Floor
  • Make Your Floor Like New Again

Your wooden floors are not impenetrable; they can crack, flake off and start peeling and blistering. Finishes act as wood floor sealers; they are usually applied in a liquid form and harden over time to form a rock-hard exterior. These finishes will then protect the surface of your wooden floor and help them last longer. Not to forget, you get to enjoy a much more appealing and beautiful wood floor.


Your floor finish can easily last five to ten years, depending on the product quality, how busy your household gets, and how you deal with maintenance. After that, your wooden floors need refinishing. Silver Lining Floor Care is the expert when it comes to wood floor finishes and refinishing. We use only durable, high-quality finishes to boost the lifespan of your wooden floors, giving them a finish like none other!

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Choosing The Right Finish

  • Oil or Lacquer?
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Both
  • What Is Best For You?

There are two types of wood floor finishes you can choose from – oil or lacquer (varnish). Choosing the right finish is extremely important; each finish comes with its benefits, so it is entirely up to you.

  • Oil: Oil wood floor finish usually penetrates the wood deeper, but it gives a thinner coat than varnish. Moreover, an oil finish will give your floor a matte appearance that is more natural. While you don’t need to refinish your floor as often, you may need to re-oil them.
  • Varnish or Lacquer: Varnish wood floor finish does not penetrate the wood; instead, it forms a layer on top of the wood floor. This is better suited to floors that might suffer from spillage and water. They also fill in the pores in your wood, so they don’t collect dust. Moreover, they give a more glossy appearance. The only drawback is they tend to flake over time and may need refinishing after a few years.
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Why Choose Us for Wood Floor Sanding and Finishing?

  • Boost Lifespan of Your Wood Floors
  • High-Quality Products for Your Floor
  • Make Your Floor Like New Again

Silver Lining Floor Care is the leading expert in wood floor sanding and finishing services. For the past 18 years, we have been providing homes across London with durable, quality wood floor finishes. We are an approved ParektProfi Contractor and we represent the Ultimate Floor Sanding Affiliates program for London. We understand wood science, and wood floor maintenance and work with only the best products and equipment to deliver quality results.


All our finishes are sourced from suppliers like Pallmann, are odorless, and will make your wooden floors last for years to come. We deliver only the best possible look when it comes to wood floor finish and provide quick, easy, and affordable wood floor finishing services.  Not to forget, we offer a two-year warranty and aftercare to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Silver Lining Floor Care, Give Your Wood Floor The Care It Deserves!

Aren’t sure what finish you should be adding to your wooden floors? Our professionals would love to assist you in making the right choice! Contact us today at 0203 8076 330 or email us at  for more insight into our expert wood floor sanding and finishing services.

We offer every customer our 5 point Guarantee

  • Always Provide Courteous and Professional Service
  • Start and Finish on Time as Agreed with The Customer
  • Apply Our Expertise at All Times
  • To Protect Your Property and Leave It Clean
  • Offer a Full Follow Up Service Should You Need It
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Do You Know Enough About Wood Floor Finishes?

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