Carpet Stain RemovalThe most crucial aspect of stain removal is the identification of the difference between spots and stains. A ‘spot’ is a temporary discolouration of your carpet that can be removed by the application of a mild solution. A stain is where an agent has caused the fibres within your carpet to change colour.

Staining occurs when the original carpet fibres have had their colour changed by either chemical agents or damage. The removal of stains is a much more involved process than the removal of spots, as doing so takes time and the use of special chemical treatments.

Successful efforts to remove stains depend upon:

  • How the stain was created and what by
  • The temperature at which the stain was created, as heat is an important factor
  • How absorbent the carpet fibres are
  • How long the stain has been in place

Some of the most common stains we are called upon to remove are tea and coffee, fruit juice, high-coloured drinks and wine. Unfortunately, all these stains are among the most difficult to remove too, especially from highly-absorbent fibres like wool, cotton and rayon.

Some stains sadly are almost impossible to remove. These include hair dye, paint, glue and curry stains. Such stains mean a rigorous cleaning technique is required and we’re happy to report that we have managed to remove such stains in the past, but equally some stains just cannot be removed.


If basic and advanced stain removal is not effective, we do have alternative solutions available such as:

Colour correction

Colour Correction Silver Lining Floor Care

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