• Maintenance cleaning vs deep cleaning
Written by Silver Lining Floor Care

Maintenance Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning – what are the benefits?

Maintenance cleaning  – the real cost. What is cheaper, better for you and your family, and our planet? And most of all, what is better for your health and can you put a price tag on your health? I will try to answer those questions for you and I shall try to keep it short and simple.

Everything requires maintenance

Probably everything that you ever bought and own will require some maintenance. Not only material items but also the most important things in life like relationships, friendship & family.  If you look after them and maintain them well, as a result, it should bring joy to your life. Therefore having less stress and headache, giving you more free time to spend with friends & family and loved once. Healthy, happy,  stress-free life, isn’t it the ultimate goal to all of us?

Maintenance cleaning of your floor

How often do you clean your teeth? Do you wait until they get dirty and then give them a deep clean? Probably not. Because at this point cleaning may not be an option anymore. More likely you clean them every day in order to keep them in good condition. As a result, you have less stress going to the dentist, therefore it should result again with a happier and healthier life.

Same applies to your floor. If it’s carpet, wood or stone. The floor acts as an air filter. You change the filter in your car every year, don’t you? It traps small particles from the air and as a result, creates a cleaner environment for you. It seems like it would be better to keep it clean rather than clean it after it gets dirty and clogged and doesn’t do such a great filtering job any more.

The real cost of the maintenance?

There are two types of costs. Direct and indirect cost. Direct cost is the money that you may need to pay and indirect cost is your health, health of our planet and consequently the health of everyone around you. Keeping your floor nice and clean may cost you directly a bit more rather than having it done once a decade. Maybe we should prioritise things differently? Estimate the value of our own health, health of our planet and what we will leave behind for our children as a result. Can you really afford to ignore all of these? When you maintain your “stuff”, as a result, it will give you more pleasure, better health, it will last longer.

There is so much to write about, but probably I should leave it for another topic to keep it nice and simple.

Benefits of maintenance cleaning for you

  • your floor is constantly kept clean and fresh
  • clean floors keep the air cleaner
  • healthier environment for you and your family
  • one less thing on your head to worry about
  • you get to know us better each visit – we are building the relationship
  • easy to manage monthly fee – no need to suddenly spend much in one go
  • prevention is always better and cheaper than solution

Benefits for our planet

  • with good maintenance, much less water is wasted
  • fewer chemicals used or none at all
  • it keeps the air quality better which creates a healthier environment for life in general

Benefits for us

  • much less stress to worry about regular income
  • with less stress, we can focus more on providing great service (there is always space for improvements)
  • with the regular income, we can plan better and grow slowly with a solid base
  • we can invest in what I think is most important in life – education
  • we get to know you and your place better and your needs with each visit

To summarise, by helping yourself you are also saving the planet and helping us. Do you find value in maintenance? 1000 miles journey starts with the first step, make yours now and get in touch so we can work out a good plan designed specifically to your needs.

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