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pine floorboard sanding
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Floorboards Sanding

pine with white finish

Pine floorboards sanding

The beauty of the floorboards hidden under

Floorboards sanding have become a hot topic across all UK houses recently. I have decided to give it a shot and shortly explained what is involved in this kind of work.

Beautiful wooden floors are practically at every home in the UK. They are a base for carpets or any other type of flooring, so once this is up, then the potential reveals itself. 

A typical floor once the carpet is removed looks like this

Floorboards sanding difficulties 

Uneven floorboard covered in residue.

Pine floorboards sanding is typically a tricky job to complete. Often, the surface has an adhesive, staples, nails, screws, etc. Also, they are not necessarily even and frequently damaged by woodworms, plumbing, or any other work. At the beginning of floorboard sanding, it is necessary to flat the floor, so the next stages of sanding are easier and better. This can be very time and material consuming.

Floorboards are softwood.

Pine is softwood, so it requires more sanding paper than a hardwood like oak. It is simply not as crispy and clogs the papers much quicker. For that very reason, it is not an easy task to achieve a nice, smooth finish during the sanding process, hence more time to complete the project.

Repairs of the floorboards.

Often, a floorboard sanding job requires some repairs. The trick is that you cannot buy a new pine as it will look very different compared to a 100-year-old plank. You have to use reclaimed pine timber at a similar age, thickness and width. There are places you can find them, but availability might be tricky, so you must build some patience. I recommend yoga or meditation :).

Staining & finishing your floorboards

The most common finish of the pine floor is just a natural look, however, if you like it stained, I personally think that the reactive stains from Ciranova look best on pine. Have a look at the Ciranova range here-click, and scroll down to reactive stains. Both can be finished with either oil or lacquer. You can read about the difference in this article – click.

Some examples of our work

Pricing the floorboards sanding work

As you can see, it is not a straightforward job, so we are not able to oversee every difficulty on the way to restore your floorboards. Often the floor is covered with carpeting, so we cannot even see what is underneath. We can estimate the amount of work needed but considering no repairs to the floorboards. Once the carpets are up, we can review the estimate and give you a firm quote for the renovation of your wooden floor.


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