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Matte or Gloss finish on my wood floor?

Matte or Gloss?

Do you intend to modernize your room by sanding the floor? Can’t decide if you want to go with a matte or gloss finish? When it comes to flooring finishes, it’s always essential to choose one that complements the whole room’s theme. Trends in the flooring business frequently emerge for what today’s contemporary house should look like.

What is trendy?

Matt finishing on hardwood floors is becoming increasingly popular in houses. If you want a rustic-style room, that looks great on wide plank planks with a surrounding look that has a more rural style. The word rustic has many meanings. When it comes to how the inside is organized and appears, although generally, it gives an old yet warm look.

Matte finish?

Matt finishing may give a harsh appearance with natural beauty and an environmental charm. But let’s not get too caught up in the definition of the rustic style! This is simply to offer you an idea of where the matt finished hardwood flooring would look best in terms of design and aesthetics.

The finish may be used in a variety of settings and structures, despite its versatility. Another advantage is that a matte finish hides the flaws in the woods, such as scuffs, dents, and scratches, making it ideal for parents and pet owners.

Gloss finish?

Matt’s finish gives the floor a flat, natural, unaltered appearance. In comparison, the gloss finish appears shiny and almost like a plastic machine-made covering on top of the floor that bounces and reflects light back at you.

The Matt finishes have a little or no sheen level in it, and the phrase “sheen level” is used to describe the coat’s reflective qualities. A matte finish reflects little light because it absorbs it rather than reflecting off of it. It has more of a sheen than a shine.


If you’re trying to finish a floor, you need to consider what you want from it. Matt finishes offer an elegant, modern look that is both durable and slick. Matt finishes are presently in vogue, providing your property a cutting-edge appearance with a sleek aesthetic. Our recommended pale look with matt finish is a combination of primer Pall-X 330 Pure or White, recoated with Pall-X Pure.

There is also question of oil or lacquer. Read this article to understand it a bit more or the one for an atypical explanation.

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dust free wood floor sanding process
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Dust-Free Floor Sanding

How dusty is it?

Dust-free floor sanding stands for its name. Floor sanding is not dusty anymore! It used to be years ago. The development in equipment and Health & Safety Laws evolved and as a result, it formed dust-free floor sanding procedures.

Skill & Knowledge

Knowledge is the key to everything. If unskilled technicians work with good equipment the results are going to be average, which we assume is not what you are looking for. We use state of the art equipment which minimises the amount of dust protecting you, your family and the technicians. Along with high-quality equipment, we have vacuums with HEPA filters connected to the equipment to minimise the amount of dust in the air. All of your floor sanding technicians are Pallmann Parkettprofi approved and have completed at least one Ultimate Floor Sanding Company Training.

Wood dust can hurt your lungs

Wood dust particles can be very fine and due to that fact, they may stay airborne for a very long time. You might have experienced a similar situation when you had some building work at your home. The building dust can stay airborne for even a month if not longer. You don’t want that dust to be in your lungs and your loved ones, do you?

Exposure to dust

You may think that you will be just fine with so little exposure and you might be actually wrong. Devil is in the details! It is a one-time exposure for you. Our technicians do it every day and in the long run for them, it may be critical. So, please protect yourself and others by choosing a dust-free system and make sure the technicians involved in the job are well trained and educated in this matter.

Dust-free floor sanding equipment

Our dust-free floor sanding equipment

Is it 100% Dust Free Sanding?

Although we do our best to prevent any dust in the air, it is not possible yet to remove all of it. Especially when working on the edges and stairs. Our floor sanding system is good enough to work in the commercial environment without any additional protection. We have done some work in high-end shops with the shoes on the shelves. Time limitations and deadlines didn’t really allow us to protect everything, as it was not necessary at all.

We are simply honest with you. We do not try to oversell the greatness of our system and promise you something which is not achievable. Please expect that some of the cleaning work might have to be done after the project, but it is not a massive amount. It can easily fit into your general cleaning schedule and doesn’t require any extra amount of specialised work. If you prefer, we can put you in touch with some cleaning companies in the area as we have a good network with local businesses.

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