Oak Floor Sanding in Acton

It’s time for another exciting wood floor sanding project in Acton! This time, we’ll be working on a beautiful oak floor that’s been in need of some TLC for quite some time.

Initial Contact


The client contacted us via our online link, giving us all the information needed for the job. We called him back quickly to discuss all issues and needs. We prepared the method statement with the advised approach for confirmation. Once it was accepted then we sent the quote – the job was very small so there was no need to visit the site. We knew it all, the location in the loft, the furniture, the parking, etc.

The client accepted the quote and we booked a floor sanding job. Booking reminders were sent before and even a text message on the day with the ability to track our team and see their precise location on the map.

Job Requirements and Quoting

The clients’ main concern was the gaps between the floorboards. We can’t say why they appeared in the first place. It could be due to poor installation or not using the primer under the lacquer. Lacquer can act as a glue during the change of the season and due to the expansion of the wood, some of the areas could become one bigger piece with much greater pull force. Read more about side bonding here.

The Job

We have done the sanding job and finished with 1 coat of primer Pall-X 330 and 2 coats of Pall-X Pure, 2-component lacquer for bare wood effect. All the gaps were filled and any loose floor stabilized.

It was a top-floor attic so we used for this job Pallmann Spider. Small enough machine that can be carried out by one man, yet very powerful. There was no need to drag a big, heavy belt sander.

The client was very pleased, we gave them a recommendation on maintenance and the cleaning products.

They are currently doing some building work, but once done they will ask us to do some more work for them

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We offer every customer our 5 point Guarantee

  • Always Provide Courteous and Professional Service
  • Start and Finish on Time as Agreed with The Customer
  • Apply Our Expertise at All Times
  • To Protect Your Property and Leave It Clean
  • Offer a Full Follow Up Service Should You Need It

The Best Oak Floor Sanding in Acton

Are you looking for a reliable wood floor sanding company in Acton for your oak flooring? Contact us on 00203 8076 330, and enjoy our expert floor sanding services with guaranteed results.

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