Sanding Cherry Wooden Floors

"I don't like the orange color!"

The client booked a zoom appointment through our website to inquire about her flooring. On a chosen date and time, Johnny and the client had a video call. She explained all she needed and showed us her wooden flooring. It was a cherry floor and she didn’t like the “cherry/orange” color. Not an easy task to do, take the cherry out of the cherry :).

Changing the color of wooden floors

We spoke about it extensively. To lighten up the cherry wood wasn’t an option as the orange would always be visible. The only good approach was to make it dark. We sent to the client a Pallmann color collection. She chose 3 colors out of the pallet. We arranged for a sample visit, so she could see how this will look on the floor. We advised her to have it down on the floor for at least 24h, so she can see how it looks under different lighting. She selected Pall-X 333 with a grey part C add-on.

Sanding and lacquering wooden floor

It turned out it was very soft flooring and the only way to remove all scratches from a previous sanding step was to finish it with Rotex from Festool. The buffing machine we have, “spider” from Pallmann, turned our too heavy. After all the sanding was done we water-popped the floor to open the grains to take the color in.

Staining cherry wooden floor

Pall-X 333 is an oiled-based stain with a hardener for extra durability. It is more durable on its own than some other lacquers. We put the first coat down with a trowel and 2nd coat with a buffing machine. We made sure it was all uniform finish. Unfortunately, the next day when it all dried out there were some marks in one spot on the floor. It only showed up after drying. Probably the tenants who lived here before must have mopped the floor with some aggressive chemicals and it affected the wood. We couldn’t do much about it :(.

Lacquering cherry wooden floor

After sufficient drying time, we applied, as pre-agreed with a client, a premium domestic lacquer Pall-X 96 in matte. We applied the first coat with a specific roller for water-based lacquers. Allowing sufficient drying time we applied a second coat.
All this work resulted in a cherry wood floor without the cherry color with protection for years to come.

Cherry Floor Sanding and Finished with Pallmann Pall-X 333 Grey

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