Revitalize Your School Floor with Expert Sanding Services

Unleashing the Charm of a Badminton Court and More

At Silver Lining Floor Care, we understand the importance of maintaining a pristine school environment. That’s why we specialize in providing top-notch school floor sanding services that breathe new life into worn-out floors. Our team recently received an enquiry from the ultimate floor sanding company, representing the London area, seeking assistance with a school floor in dire need of restoration. The task at hand? Transforming the floor into a magnificent badminton court while addressing existing damages. Let’s dive into the remarkable journey we embarked upon to achieve this remarkable transformation.

Preparing for Excellence: Assessing the Worn-Out Floor

Before embarking on this grand venture, we carefully assessed the school floor’s condition. Although some damages were evident, we had the perfect solution – a stash of replacement planks ready to come to the rescue.

Elevating Elegance: A Herringbone Teak Wood Pattern

The school floor itself was an exquisite herringbone pattern crafted from teak wood. Our aim was to not only restore its former glory but also elevate its elegance to match the grandeur of a badminton court.

Choosing the Perfect Finish: Unleashing the Power of Pallmann

To achieve a truly remarkable result, we presented the school with two exceptional finish options from Pallmann, renowned for their commercial-grade excellence. The first option, Pall-X 98, offered a standard finish. However, for the pinnacle of durability and eco-friendliness, we proposed the second option – Pall-X Zero, a VOC-free masterpiece.

Embracing the Eco-Champion: Client Goes Green with Pall-X Zero!

In a delightful twist of fate, our client opted for the pricier option that didn’t dent their pocket but did wonders for the world—Pall-X Zero! We couldn’t help but do a little happy dance because, let’s face it, we’re all about that eco-life!

With Pall-X Zero, we witnessed the glorious union of cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility. Who said you can’t have your cake and save the planet too? Our team was thrilled to work with this remarkable product that loves the environment just as much as we do. It’s like finding a soulmate in the flooring world—a match made in eco-heaven!

Skills, tools and now with this amazing product on the top

So, as we embarked on this flooring adventure, we were armed not only with our trusty sanders and fillers but also with the eco-warrior Pall-X Zero. Together, we set out to restore the school floor, one sustainable step at a time. Who knew floor sanding could be so eco-trendy?

Join the ranks of the eco-conscious and experience the wonders of Pall-X Zero. Together, we can create magnificent floors while giving the planet a big, heartfelt hug. It’s time to make your floor shine and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Contact us today, and let’s embark on this eco-friendly flooring journey together!

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The Journey Unfolds: A Five-Day Marvel

Our skilled team dedicated five full days to this transformative project, ensuring every step was flawlessly executed to create a floor that would stand the test of time.

Day 1: Repairs and Sanding Begin

On the first day, we dove into repairs and commenced sanding, leaving no room for imperfections. Our goal was to eradicate all scratches and remnants of the previous finish, leaving a blank canvas to work our magic.

Day 2: Sanding and Filling Gaps

Continuing our journey, we pressed forward with sanding while meticulously filling all gaps using clean sawdust and a specially formulated lizuwy wood floor filler. This attention to detail would set the stage for a flawless final outcome.

Day 3: Gap Filling Completed

As day three dawned, we celebrated the completion of gap filling and diligently removed any lingering residue. We then resumed our sanding efforts, determined to achieve a surface that would radiate perfection.

Day 4: Primer Application and Court Markings

The fourth day was pivotal as we applied the Pall-X Zero base primer, laying the foundation for an impeccable finish. With precision and expertise, we skillfully marked out the boundaries of the badminton court, ready to ignite the spirit of sportsmanship.

Day 5: Lacquer Application and the Final Touches

On the final day, we embarked on the exhilarating journey of applying the first coat of lacquer. Due to the VOC-free nature of the chosen lacquer, patience was key. We ensured sufficient ventilation and left the floor to dry for a full 24 hours. Returning with triumphant smiles, we conducted meticulous touch-ups, guaranteeing flawless adherence for the final coat. The floor was then sealed, ready to astound all who tread upon it.

Results Worth Waiting For: Curing and Unleashing the Court

We advised the client that while the floor would gain its mechanical strength within 48 hours, it required 7-10 days to fully cure. During this period, we urged caution, emphasizing the need to refrain from mopping the floor. This crucial curing time ensured that the floor achieved its maximum durability, ready to withstand the energetic movements and joyous footsteps of eager children.

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Perfect Timing: Transforming the Floor during the School Break

We strategically planned the entire project during the school break, allowing ample time for the floor to rejuvenate. By the time the break concluded, the children were welcomed with open arms onto a pristine, brand-new playing surface, radiating with the promise of countless unforgettable memories.

Safeguarding Lacquered School Teak Floors:

The Key to Enduring Elegance in Your Commercial Space

When it comes to maintaining the breathtaking allure of your lacquered teak floors in a bustling commercial environment, we’ve got you covered. Here are the essential care guidelines that will ensure your floors remain a shining testament to timeless elegance:

  1. Sweeping Success: Banishing the Dusty Intruders

In the grand ballroom of your commercial space, let your broom take centre stage. Regular sweeping sessions or the trusty assistance of a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner will keep those pesky dust and debris particles at bay. Give your floors the attention they deserve and let them gleam with resplendent beauty.

  1. The Mop Tango: Cleaning Choreography for Brilliance

Prepare for a cleaning dance like no other! With a damp (not sopping wet) mop in hand, glide gracefully across your lacquered teak floors. Choose a pH-neutral cleaner formulated explicitly for lacquered wood floors, designed to leave them refreshed and radiant. Embrace the rhythm of this delicate choreography to maintain a pristine appearance.

  1. Shielding from Sun’s Harsh Spotlight: Defend Against Fading

Your commercial space may be showered with natural light, but excessive exposure can lead to unwelcome consequences. Shield your lacquered teak floors from the sun’s harsh spotlight by using window treatments or UV-protective films. Preserve their lustrous hue, allowing them to gracefully shine without any fading drama.

  1. Spills and Thrills: Swift Action Saves the Day

In the fast-paced commercial realm, spills are bound to happen. Rise to the occasion and act swiftly! Grab a cloth and wipe away any spills or stains immediately. Doing so will protect the precious lacquer finish, keeping your floors in pristine condition. Show those spills who’s boss and let your floors shine on.


With these essential care tips, your lacquered teak floors will continue to captivate all who step foot into your commercial space. So, let your broom and mop take the lead, shield your floors from the sun’s spotlight, and let furniture gracefully dance across their protective felt pads. Elevate the elegance and longevity of your floors, ensuring they remain the pinnacle of commercial allure.

For further expert advice and tailored floor care solutions, contact us today. Together, we’ll ensure your commercial floors radiate timeless beauty, making a lasting impression on all who enter your space.

Going the Extra Mile: Communication and Care

At Silver Lining Floor Care, we believe in the power of exceptional communication and going above and beyond to ensure our client’s happiness. It’s not just about delivering impeccable work; it’s about providing a seamless and extraordinary service experience that leaves you smiling from ear to ear.

As a testament to our dedication, we prioritise staying in touch with our clients even after the job is done. We don’t bid farewell and disappear into the sunset; instead, we keep the conversation going. Expect a friendly follow-up email from us, checking in on your satisfaction and addressing any additional needs or concerns you may have. Your happiness is our ultimate goal, and we want to ensure you’re thrilled with the results.

Your Happiness Matters: Striving for Outstanding Service

Rest assured that your journey with us doesn’t end at the completion of the project. We’re here to listen, support, and ensure that every aspect of our service meets and exceeds your expectations. From the moment we start to the moment we bid adieu, our commitment to outstanding service remains unwavering.

Choose Silver Lining Floor Care, and experience the extra care and attention that sets us apart. Your satisfaction is our driving force, and we’ll go above and beyond to deliver a service that leaves you with a smile that matches the beauty of your newly transformed floors.


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  • Start and Finish on Time as Agreed with The Customer
  • Apply Our Expertise at All Times
  • To Protect Your Property and Leave It Clean
  • Offer a Full Follow Up Service Should You Need It


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