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We Listen to Our Clients

Pine floor sanding – one of our good clients made the enquiry about sanding floors in the dining room and hallway. The main reason was that the room was cold and draughty. Losing the warm air through the gaps in the floorboards. Therefore, the main task was to fill the gaps, so warm air does not escape the room. Some of the gaps were larger, so we use silicon filler in areas.

Finishing With Oil

In order to use oil on the floors, you have to fill all the gaps anyway. This is a major reason for the job, so it makes a lot of sense to go ahead with the project.

Preparation for Oiling

sanded floorAfter filling the gaps with the sawdust from this very pine floor, we can sand, reinspect and oil it. Pine timber is a softwood, used as the subfloor in most houses. Instead of covering it with other types of flooring, why not have a think and make the most out of what is already there. Think about pine floor sanding and refinishing. The oil will expose the grains of wood, add to it beautiful honey colour and allows the wood to breathe naturally, unlike like topical finishes like lacquer or varnish.

Oiling the Floor

floor sanded and being oiled…and yet again, Wojtek is enjoying himself applying the magic oil to the sanded floor. This is a gratifying moment as you can finally see the end of the job and the amazing result after floor sanding.

Then the second layer of the oil is applied and buffed with our amazing buffing machine and 4h laters are ready to be walked on. 12h later oil is fully cured, not unlike lacquers which take 12h between coats and up to 7 days to b

Choosing the Company to Restore You Floorboards

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  • We Always Provide Courteous and Professional Service
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  • We Promise to Protect Your Property and Leave It Clean
  • Full Follow Up Service Should You Need It
  • Approved contractors for London area of Ultimate Floor Sanding Company
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Why would you replace your floors, when you can have them looking brand new in no time?

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