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Professional Guidance for Stunning Stained Floorboards

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Enhancing the Beauty of Your Wooden Floors

When it comes to floorboard staining, whether they are pine, oak, or any other timber, the process and available stain options are quite similar. However, not all stains work well on every type of wood. At Silver Lining Floor Care, we offer a range of high-quality stains specifically designed for hardwood floors, ensuring exceptional results that bring out the natural beauty of your floorboards.

Wood Flooring Stains We Use:

  • Oil-Based Stains from Pallmann Pall-X 333 2K Range: These stains are formulated to penetrate deeply into the wood, providing rich and long-lasting colour. The Pall-X 333 2K range offers a variety of shades, allowing you to achieve the desired look for your wooden floors. These stains are so good, they often outperform some lacquer and oil finishes.

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  • Solvent-Based Light Fats Stains from Morrells: Morrells stains are known for their quick drying time and excellent colour consistency. These solvent-based stains are suitable for a wide range of wood species and offer exceptional clarity and durability.

Morrelss Light fast stains

  • Aquateinte 2K Stains from Blanchon: Blanchon’s Aquateinte stains are water-based, making them environmentally friendly and easy to work with. These stains provide a beautiful, transparent finish and are available in various shades to complement your floorboards.

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Additionally, we are flexible in accommodating your preferences. If you have a specific stain or finish in mind, such as Rubio Monocoat or Ciranova products, we are more than happy to use them to achieve the desired result for your floorboards.

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Staining Old Floorboards:

Old pine floorboards, commonly used as subfloors, have their own unique charm and character. They often showcase imperfections, including nail or screw holes, which contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the floor. When working with such floorboards, we recommend avoiding oil-based stains as they can be challenging to wipe off the excess completely, especially from the crevices and imperfections. Instead, we opt for fast-drying solvent-based stains, such as Morrells stains, or water-based stains like Aquateinte, which allow for easier application and quicker preparation for the finishing steps.

Dark or White Stains?

Staining your floorboards in a dark tone is generally an easier task. Dark wood stains tend to be more forgiving, effectively hiding imperfections and providing a consistent, uniform appearance. On the other hand, if you have your heart set on staining your wooden floor white, particularly pine, please be aware that it is considered a premium service and requires more labour-intensive work to achieve the desired outcome.

Choose Silver Lining Floor Care for a Complete Floorboard Staining

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Silver Lining Floor Care has the expertise to handle any staining project, whether you prefer a dark or light stain. We are dedicated to providing professional advice and guidance, helping you choose the best stain options and recommending suitable products for your specific needs.

By entrusting your floor staining project to Silver Lining Floor Care, you can expect exceptional results that enhance the beauty of your wooden floors. We prioritize quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. Contact us today for expert advice and let us transform your floorboards into stunning works of art.

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