how much floor sanding cost
Written by Marta Nowak

How much wood floor sanding cost?

Understanding Floor Sanding Costs: Key Factors and Pricing Insights

When considering floor sanding services, many clients hope for a straightforward answer, like £35 per square meter. However, determining the cost of floor sanding isn’t that simple due to several influencing factors, including project duration, material costs, and overall investment. Our general pricing policy carefully takes all these aspects into account, especially when it comes to wood floor sanding.


What’s Your Vision?

It’s essential to start with a clear idea of the desired outcome for your floor. Whether it’s a specific finish you’ve seen on Instagram or a style admired in a neighbour’s home, the variety of available finishes and products can be overwhelming. If you’re uncertain about what you want, that’s perfectly okay too. We will guide you through what’s available and, after a detailed discussion, provide bespoke advice tailored to your preferences and needs. Knowing what you want helps in guiding the decision-making process.

Balancing Durability and Aesthetics

Our objective might seem ambitious, but we aim for you to spend as little as possible while enjoying a durable and attractive floor. We prioritise quality and maintenance ease, primarily using Pallmann products—top-tier wood care and finishing products. These aren’t the cheapest options, but they’re worthwhile for those seeking beauty and longevity. If your budget is tight, we may not be the best fit. However, if you’re after a beautiful, high-quality finish, we should definitely talk. Our method statement for floor sanding outlines various finishing options, from basic clear coats to custom stains, highlighting why a simple per-square-meter pricing model doesn’t fit all scenarios. Just to help you get an idea, our full-service floor sanding starts at around £42 per m2.

Proudly Showcased on Social Media

We take pride in our work, eager to showcase completed floors on our social media platforms. More than just visually appealing, we focus on building long-term trust in our services and the quality brands we use. We ensure your flooring withstands the demands of a busy household—be it pets or kids—by setting you up with DIY maintenance reminders tailored to your chosen finish. This approach not only extends the life of your floors but also eliminates the need for further significant investments. Remember, regular maintenance is crucial for lasting beauty and durability.

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