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How Much is Floor Restoration?

Our pricing policy

Arriving at the right answer to this question is far from simple. Over the years, we’ve dedicated considerable effort to fine-tuning our pricing structure, aiming to make it as transparent and understandable for our clients as possible. At the core of our business, like many others, is the fundamental practice of charging a specific amount of money for the time we invest in our work.

This nuanced approach to understanding value and investment is at the heart of our pricing philosophy, designed to align closely with the real benefits and quality we deliver to our clients.

Flooring as an Investment

Flooring is arguably the largest piece of “furniture” in your home, integral to its overall decor and ambience. In the long run, investing in high-quality flooring or flooring restoration is akin to making the third most substantial investment in your life, following your home and car.

Tailoring Pricing to the Project: Beyond Square Meterage

The Limitations of Per Square Meter Pricing

At our core, we strive for fairness and transparency in our pricing model. Charging by the square meter can often lead to inconsistencies and unfair pricing—for example, completing 30 square meters in one day compared to spending three days in a 10 square meter room. This variability makes a one-size-fits-all pricing strategy impractical and not reflective of the actual work involved.

Developing a Comprehensive Pricing Model

To address these challenges, we’ve developed a detailed pricing spreadsheet that takes a wide range of variables into account. This includes the type of floor, the total size of the area, the specific layout of the floor, the current condition of the floor, any necessary repairs that are immediately visible, the humidity levels of the environment, and the location of the project. Furthermore, we consider the timing of the job, including whether it needs to be done after hours, over weekends, or during normal business hours, and estimate how long the project will take and the number of people required to complete it efficiently.

A Holistic View of Project Costs

This meticulous approach allows us to form a more accurate picture of the project’s cost, ensuring that we can transform any floor into a stunning part of a client’s home. It’s essential that both we and our clients are satisfied with the end result, and this satisfaction begins with transparent and fair pricing. By keeping the desired outcome in focus throughout the entire process, from the initial assessment to the final touches, we ensure that every aspect of the job is done with precision and care. This model not only reflects the true value of our work but also builds trust with our clients, demonstrating our commitment to fairness and quality in every project we undertake.

Setting Clear Business Goals: Understanding  The Numbers

The Challenge of Undefined Objectives

Many businesses navigate the market without clear goals or a deep understanding of their financial metrics. This lack of clarity extends to essential aspects such as gross profit, break-even points, and the cost of acquiring new clients. Relying on intuition rather than concrete data, these businesses may experience sporadic success, with profitable ventures on one hand and losses on the other. The randomness of such outcomes underlines the importance of a strategic approach grounded in real numbers.

The Importance of Understanding Financial Metrics

A solid grasp of the business’s financial health is crucial. The adage “You can’t beat the math” holds, emphasising that an empirical understanding of the finances is key to consistent success. By setting goals based on profit margins, businesses can establish a more reliable and predictable pricing strategy for their services.

The Goal: Profit with a Purpose

While profit remains the primary aim, it serves a larger purpose than merely increasing revenue. The ultimate goal is to enhance client satisfaction by providing services that not only meet but exceed expectations, thereby offering clients long-term savings and, most importantly, peace of mind. This philosophy extends beyond the financial aspect, reflecting a commitment to adding value to clients’ lives.

Elevating Client Experience Through Expertise

In the context of our floor restoration, cleaning and maintenance services, our aim is to relieve clients of the burden of upkeep. By taking on the responsibility of maintaining the condition of your floors, we enable you to allocate your time and energy to other important aspects of your life or business. This approach not only illustrates our dedication to excellence but also solidifies our role as a trusted partner in maintaining the aesthetic and functional quality of your space.

Conclusion: Beyond Numbers to Peace of Mind

Understanding our financial health is essential for our success. The saying “You can’t beat the math” rings true for us, highlighting the importance of a thorough and empirical understanding of our financial situation. By establishing goals anchored in our profit margins, we’ve been able to create a pricing strategy for our services that is both reliable and predictable.

If you spend too little you can lose everything

The true value of our service extends beyond mere time spent; it lies in the expertise and skill involved in using the right tools of our trade, such as the proverbial hammer. Opting for the cheapest option rarely translates to the best value. In fact, underinvesting can lead to substantial losses, jeopardising the entire investment. On the other hand, investing a bit more than the bare minimum can safeguard against significant loss, typically resulting in only a minor, more manageable loss if expectations aren’t met.

Transform Your Floors: Start with a Detailed Estimate

Ready to see your floors transformed? Reach out to us with as much detail as you can provide about your flooring needs, whether it’s sanding, cleaning, or anything in between. The more information you share, the more precise our estimate will be, ensuring we tailor the best possible solution for you. In some cases, a visit may be necessary to fully understand the scope of your project. Let’s work together to bring out the best in your floors!

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