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Outdoor Stone Cleaning

Outdoor Cleaning

Outdoor stone cleaning might not be the first thing you think about. Rain cleans it naturally every time.  Some tests, actually showed that the pavement outside is cleaner than carpet inside the house. Rain is perfectly fine for a little while. You should also sweep or blow your outside stone once in a while. Collect the leaves after autumn, as they can stain the stone over winter. Don’t do any car repairs as it may leak oil, etc. 

Cleaning methods

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Depending on the kind of your stone you can attempt cleaning it yourself. For more flat and smooth outdoor stone, use just a simple mop with an appropriate cleaning agent for fairly good results. For stone which has more texture, you could use a pressure washer to give it a rinse. You might ask the man in the house as we like to buy toys like this 🙂. Remember to remove the dry soil before attempting wet cleaning. it is a general rule for cleaning. fond out more about basics of cleaning here.


What to do after cleaning your stone? 

Once you have finished your tile or stone cleaning job, it would be a great idea to make it last. You can use a solvent-based sealer to protect it from getting dirty too quickly, but also it protects it from mould getting onto the stone from the other way. You must wait at least 2 sunny days for the stone to properly dry before applying a sealer – it is crucial. This depends on the stone. Only solvent-based sealer is suitable for outdoor as it is simply too moist throughout the years to apply a water-based finish, as it may trap the moisture in. This can generate all sorts of problems.

Why outdoor cleaning is important?

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After cleaning and also after fitting your outdoor stone it is very important to seal it. The mould, I mentioned before, once get through the stone us practically not removable. The oil stains, if you have an accident, will likely clean, if the stone was protected. it will protect the stone from any other dirt and will not get dirty rapidly, also will ease the maintenance DIY jobs with greater results. 

How can we help with outdoor stone cleaning?

Free advice about what to do with any outdoor cleaning jobs. Just email us and send us as much info about the stone with some photos. We will provide you with the best advice about any stone cleaning enquiry. Send us an email rather than call as you will have in writing and the vibe might not be answered by the best person to get the advice from. 

We also like our toys and we have a lot of them. It is unlikely that you will have any of the machines that we have. Whichever it is a diamond brush or pressure washer, we have it. Sometimes we can even combine these two to get the best results. 

Outdoor cleaning cannot be done during the winter and colder months. It must be done during the warm days as the stone must dry before applying a sealer. 

Get in your with us now to get a quote or free advice on any outdoor stone cleaning jobs in London. 

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