wooden floors maintenance
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Wooden floors – maintenance tips

Wooden floors – how to look after them?

wood flooring cleaning

Regular cleaning of wooden floors

Wooden floors and soil. Lets understand soiling first. There are 3 types of soiling: dry soil, water soluble soil, solvent soluble soil. We shall focus on dry soil. Dry soil is not soluble in water or solvents. Adding water todry soil will simply create mud. Massive majority of soil on your floors is dry, so we want to remove that soil without any moisture at all. Furthermore, moisture and wooden floor are not the best friends, so we will talk about some other time as it is extensive topic.

Dry soils is abrasive, so when removing it, be extremely careful not to scratch your floors. Dry soil and foot traffic will act like sanding paper, therefore it will remove your protective coating from your floors.

  • remove all the dry soil first – either use dry soil extraction cleaner, commonly known as vacuum cleaner or simply sweep the floor.
  • mop the floor – keep the moisture to minimum. Floors cannot be wet for longer then 10 mins, otherwise it means you have used too much water.
  • make cleaning solution into the spray bottle and spray the floor instead of using mop bucket full of water. Therefore you have full control over moisture.

Steam cleaning your wooden floors?


Since water is not the best friends for wood floors, steam isn’t either. Steam is very hot water. Once the temperature of your cleaning product is up, it makes it more effective, because water tension is changed and it will penetrate easier as it is simply “thiner”.  It penetrates the dirt better and consequently it will penetrate your wooden floors as well. This is why I recommend regular cleaning rather then seasonal heavy clean.

My floor is popping up or squeaky

Simply, too much moisture or not enough expansion gaps. Moisture levels in the air change throughout the year and your wooden floor will respond to it. If there is not enough expansion gaps it will pop up sooner or later. Squeaky noise is good indication that something is wrong. Give us a call and we can inspect it for you. There could be different reasons why your floor is noisy.

Lacquered wooden floor maintenance

Just use neutral floor cleaner. If we sanded and lacquered your floor, we recommend Pallmann neutral wood floor cleaner. We have use lacquer from the same manufacture so it is 100% safe to use. Just follow the instructions on the label and remember not to overset the floor.

Oiled wooden floors maintenance

If we sanded and oiled your wooden floors, we recommend Pallmann magic oil cleaner. It is based on the same old which was used on your floor. You can use it neat on heavy traffic areas once every 6 months or so to top up the oil. You can also use neutral wood floor cleaner but magic oil care is recommended. If you have different oil finishes then ours, usually it is ok to use Pallmann products, but make sure to pretest. KEEP the MOISTURE TO MINIMUM.

What is the best mop to use?

pullman mop

Good quality microfibre flat mop is perfect. We sell Pallmann mop system, which comes with

  • flat mop with velcro attachment system to make your task easy
  • good quality dusting attachment from removing all that abrasive dry soil
  • good quality microfibre attachment for flat moping the floor
  • predicate neutral wood floor cleaner

Buy mop system and cleaning products directly form us. Give us a call now 020 8166 5947

Professional wood floor cleaning and refinishing

How often you clean your teeth?

You don’t wait till they get dirty and then clean them as cleaning may not be the option anymore. If you want to keep your teeth you clean them on regular bases (hopefully daily) so they can stay where they are, to the job they supposed to do and look good.

There is no need to have your wooden floors professionally cleaned daily :). Periodical professional cleaning and refinishing is recommended to avoid sanding, especially if your floors are engineered. You can only have them sanded 2 or 3 times. Your lacquered floor can be protected with acrylic polish and your oiled floor can simply be re-oiled. Just give is a call for advice or drop a quick email with the enquiry. info@silverliningfloorcare.co.uk 020 8166 5947


Teak floor sanding
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Teak floor sanding

Teak floor sanding job in London

Where does it come from and what is the use of it?

Teak floor sanding – getting some information is great place to start. Little about teak wood first.  Teak is a tropical hard wood with very distinct fragrant compared to other timbers. Although, it is very dangerous to work with as dust from sanding may cause heart attack. If your heart is not in the great condition. Due to this fact masks are advisable for those with weak hearts.

Durability and water resistant is the biggest value of this timber so it is used for boat building, outside construction, outdoor furniture and of course floor coverings. East and south east Asia create great environment for teak forest, so these are native regions for this timber, mainly India. Teak trees grow up to 40m high. Heartwood is much darker then sapwood so it can give us big variations on colour.

kanimara teak tree

This is the largest leaving Teak tree which is 47m in height.

Plan vs reality

When we are sending the floor we never know how easy is to remove old finish. In this particular case, it turned out that it was not easy at all. We were using diamond blades to remove old finish and it still left melted residue on the floor., so we had go over with diamond blades once more.

Great result for teak floor sanding in London

The job was incredibly challenging, but at the end, we managed to make this teak parquet floor looking better then customer expected. It is very rewarding to the client and to us to see how we can help you to get your floors looking often better then new with fraction of the cost.

We started this teak floor sanding with this


and finishing with magic oil we made it look like this.

Teak floor sanding Teak floor sanding after

If would like to book free consultation how we can make your floors looking great get in touch now.

floor sanding - ipe lapacho
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Ipe Lapacho wood floor sanding

Ipe Lapacho wood floor sanding in London

Ipe Lapacho wood floor sanding job in London – Ipe is exotic wood from South America. It is one of the hardest wood on our planet. Therefore, Ipe lapacho wood floor sanding is almost impossible to get absolutely perfect. Maybe thanks to our state of the art equipment or Wojtek :), we have managed to sand it to scratch free and beautiful finish, so client can be over the moon with the result.

Ipe lapacho wood floor sanding is challenging not only because of its hardness. In addition, it may also react oddly with different types of finishes, especially water based. Therefore, in ideal world you supposed to only use with solvent rather then water based lacquer. Those lacquers are horrible for health of the person while applying it and furthermore, it also has irritating smell even for up to two weeks after work is completed. As a result, when using solvent based lacquers, you should always notify the neighbours about the smell and risks involved. Obviously follow health and safety regulation and common sense while using those products and always read the label and contact manufacture if needed

Primer for Ipe Lapacho floor

Ipe is so hard that water has difficulty to penetrate it. Due to that fact, if water based primers are used, it may probably not bring all the colours and it will likely end up with dull and boring finish. Hence, the only option is solvent based primer. It is much more difficult to apply rather then water base and requires 2 coats of primer. End product looks amazing and as a result, you will avoid problems with chemical reaction . Picture shows difference between freshly sanded floor and with the primer applied.

Lacquers for Ipe Lapacho

As much as solvent based lacquers should be used, yet we took a chance with water based. There is a risk of pigments reacting with water based the lacquer, so test must be carried prior application. While testing one area of the floor, this will not guarantee for the finish to fix properly elsewhere. It is important to clarify this with the client and both sides, client and contractor must agree to take that risk.

Luckily we achieved amazing results with water based, 2 component lacquer and giving the floor the protection it needs over the years of use. By the reaction of the client, it seems that the choice of this finish was rather better then solvent based.

So, if you like what you see and would like to have your wooden floors restored, do not hesitate to get in touch for free, no obligation consultation.

Give us a call on 0208 166 5947.


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  • sanded and oiled pine floor
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Floor sanding – pine floor sanding

Pine floor sanding in London

Pine floor sanding – one of our good clients made the enquiry about sanding floors in dining room and hallway. Main reason was that the room was cold and draughty. Loosing the warm air through the gaps in the floor boards. Therefore,  main task was to fill the gaps, so warm air does not escape the room. Some of the gaps were larger, so we use silicon filler in areas.

Pine floor sanding video

Pine floor sanding and oiling

In order to use oil on the floors, you have to fill all the gaps anyway.  This is major reason for the job, so it makes a lot of sense to go ahead with the project.

pine floor sanding

After filling the gaps with the sawdust from this very pine floor, we can sand, reinspect and oil it. Pine timber is a soft wood, used as the subfloor in most houses. Instead of covering it with other types of flooring, why not have a think and make the most out of what is already there. Think about pine floor sanding and refinishing. Oil will expose the grains of wood, add to it beautiful honey colour and allows the wood to breather natural, unlike like topical finishes like lacquer or varnish.


floor sanding and oiling…and yet again, Wojtek is enjoying himself applying the magic oil to the sanded floor. This is gratifying moment as you can finally see the end of the job and amazing result after floor sanding.

Then second layer of the oil is applied and buffed with our amazing buffing machine and 4h laters is ready to be walked on. 12h later oil is fully cured, not like lacquers which take 12h between coats and up to 7 days to be fully cured.


Floor sanding results

floor sanding - end product

Pine floor sanded and oiled

pine floor sanding results

Floor sanded, oiled and buffed.

floor sanding and oiling results

Great finish and another happy customer









Why would you replace your floors, while you can have them looking brand new in no time.

So if you like what you see, give us a call for free quote and consultation 0208 166 5947

Read more about our floor sanding service.


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Oak floor sanding in London

Solid oak floor sanding

Solid oak floor sanding job in south London. 17 years old, worn out over the years with scratches and floor has faded to orange colour over the years. We compared it to a brand new piece from the attic and it looked nothing like what the floor looks like.

BeforeWorn oak floorScratched oak floor


As seen floors are not in its best condition. Worn out by dining area, scratched due to furniture dragging and faded to yellow/orange look. We moved all the furniture out of the room to make the job easier. If you choose to oil the floor and have no space to move your furniture to, thats ok. With this type of finish we can do parts of the room on different day and achieve uniform finish.

All the floor are sanded, therefore, you can remove all the scratches from worn areas and fill all the gaps with saw dust from the floor and high quality water based gap filler and then finish with Magic Oil. 2 component oil which protects the wood from within and allows the wood to breath naturally rather then lacquer finishes. We have left very happy client with floors looking brand new at fraction of the cost.

sanded solid oak floor DSC_6304 sanded oak


Once the floor is ready you can apply the finish on top. Wojtek is really enjoying oiling as you are steps away from the end satisfying result. Once oiled and buffed, you only have to stay away for 4h before any foot traffic and it is fully cured within 12h.


….and there is fully restored oak floor.


Customer now uses maintenance product, based on the same oil and with good advise can look after the new floors. Consequently, every time she uses the product for cleaning, oil is being topped up. Therefore, on heavy traffic areas it is advised to use it undiluted and mop it in.

IMG_0133 IMG_0118

finished oak floor sanding