• Oak floor sanding in London
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Oak Floor Sanding in London

Solid Oak Floor Sanding

Solid oak floor sanding job in south London. 17 years old, worn out over the years with scratches and floor has faded to orange colour over the years. We compared it to a brand new piece from the attic and it looked nothing like what the floor looks like.

As seen floors are not in its best condition. Worn out by dining area, scratched due to furniture dragging and faded to yellow/orange look. We moved all the furniture out of the room to make the job easier. If you choose to oil the floor and have no space to move your furniture too, that’s ok. With this type of finish, we can do parts of the room on a different day and achieve a uniform finish.

All the floor are sanded, therefore, you can remove all the scratches from worn areas and fill all the gaps with sawdust from the floor and high-quality water-based gap filler and then finish with Magic Oil. 2 component oil which protects the wood from within and allows the wood to breathe naturally rather than lacquer finishes. We have left a very happy client with floors looking brand new at a fraction of the cost.

sanded solid oak floor DSC_6304 sanded oak


Once the floor is ready you can apply the finish on top. Wojtek is really enjoying oiling as you are steps away from the end satisfying result. Once oiled and buffed, you only have to stay away for 4h before any foot traffic and it is fully cured within 12h.


….and there is fully restored oak floor.


The customer now uses maintenance product, based on the same oil and with good advice can look after the new floors. Consequently, every time she uses the product for cleaning, oil is being topped up. Therefore, on heavy traffic areas, it is advised to use it undiluted and mop it in.

IMG_0133 IMG_0118

finished oak floor sanding

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