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Oak Floor Sanding in Dulwich Village Project

Oak Floor Sanding in Dulwich

Before Floor Sanding

Oak floors have been worn out as it is the kitchen area used by a family of 5. The traffic is high as all the cooking, eating & partying happens there, the kitchen is a heart of the house where all family gatherings take place.

Customer Expectations

They needed a solution which not only restores the former beauty of the solid oak flooring, but it is also easy to look after and furthermore can take a lot of traffic.

Our proposal

We suggested an oil finish for 2 main reasons:

  • It is easy to maintain, very durable and can be topped up on a regular basis without the need for sanding.
  • It is family of 5 so there is always someone there, they need the kitchen in the afternoon, so finish must dry fairly quickly for the floor to be ready to use asap

More about the difference between oil & lacquer finish you can find here.

Floor Sanding Process

The floor was well fitted and there was no need for any floor repairs. Oak floor is a hardwood, so it is very crispy and if moisture levels are fine it sands very nicely.

First, we removed the old finish to avoid any unwanted reaction with a new finish. Next few steps were polishing steps to get the oak floor to scratch-free look. After every step of sanding, we got on our hands and knees to make sure the sanding was adequate.

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We carried out as much sanding during the first day to allow the family to use the floor in the evening and we started the early morning the following day in order to apply oil as soon as possible.

Next morning we removed the marks caused by the night before use and finished off the floor with 2 coats of Magic Oil from Pallmann. Magic Oil only requires 4h to allow light traffic and 12h to be fully cured, so they could resume to normal life with very little disruption,

Results after floor sanding and oiling

After the floor was finished, we gifted our client a free bottle of cleaner. Followed with advice on how to look after oiled floors. You can read more about the maintenance of oiled floor here.

Feedback from the client

The client loved the outcome – a very natural and fresh look. He was a bit concern as the oiled floors seemed unprotected. We did this job before Christmas and schedule the visit after New Year’s to assure the client that there was nothing to worry about. Magic Oil that we have used protects the wood from within and seals it. They have the best product on the market and 2-year warranty on the finish from us as approved Parkettprofi contractors.

We visited the client in February and he was no longer concerned about the floor. He was very happy with the end finish of the floor and its performance over the holiday season. Also considering doing the same in his living room in the near future.

Oak Floor Sanding before and after photo

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