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Wooden floors – maintenance tips

Wooden floors – how to look after them?

wood flooring cleaning

Regular cleaning of wooden floors

Wooden floors and soil. Lets understand soiling first. There are 3 types of soiling: dry soil, water soluble soil, solvent soluble soil. We shall focus on dry soil. Dry soil is not soluble in water or solvents. Adding water todry soil will simply create mud. Massive majority of soil on your floors is dry, so we want to remove that soil without any moisture at all. Furthermore, moisture and wooden floor are not the best friends, so we will talk about some other time as it is extensive topic.

Dry soils is abrasive, so when removing it, be extremely careful not to scratch your floors. Dry soil and foot traffic will act like sanding paper, therefore it will remove your protective coating from your floors.

  • remove all the dry soil first – either use dry soil extraction cleaner, commonly known as vacuum cleaner or simply sweep the floor.
  • mop the floor – keep the moisture to minimum. Floors cannot be wet for longer then 10 mins, otherwise it means you have used too much water.
  • make cleaning solution into the spray bottle and spray the floor instead of using mop bucket full of water. Therefore you have full control over moisture.

Is steam cleaning good for your wooden floors?


Since water is not the best friends for wood floors, steam isn’t either. Steam is very hot water. Once the temperature of your cleaning product is up, it makes it more effective, because water tension is changed and it will penetrate easier as it is simply “thiner”.  It penetrates the dirt better and consequently it will penetrate your wooden floors as well. This is why I recommend regular cleaning rather then seasonal heavy clean.

My floor is popping up or squeaky

Simply, too much moisture or not enough expansion gaps. Moisture levels in the air change throughout the year and your wooden floor will respond to it. If there is not enough expansion gaps it will pop up sooner or later. Squeaky noise is good indication that something is wrong. Give us a call and we can inspect it for you. There could be different reasons why your floor is noisy.

Lacquered wooden floor maintenance

Just use neutral floor cleaner. If we sanded and lacquered your floor, we recommend Pallmann neutral wood floor cleaner. We used lacquer from the same manufacture so it is 100% safe and compatible to use. Just follow the instructions on the label and remember not to over-wet the floor.

Oiled wooden floors maintenance

If we sanded and oiled your wooden floors, we recommend Pallmann magic oil cleaner. It is based on the very same oil which was used on the floor. Dilute it 1:10 into spray bottle. You can use it neat on heavy traffic areas once every 6 months. If you do, avoid stepping on the floor for 1h.

What is the best mop to use?

pullman mop

Good quality microfibre flat mop is perfect. We recommend Pallmann mop system.

  • flat mop with velcro attachment system to make your task easy
  • good quality dusting attachment for removing all that abrasive dry soil
  • good quality microfibre attachment for flat moping
  • ready-to-use neutral wood floor cleaner


Professional wood floor cleaning and refinishing

How often should you clean your teeth?

You don’t wait until they get dirty as cleaning may not be the option anymore. If you want to keep your teeth then clean them on regular bases (hopefully daily) so they can stay where they are and do the job they supposed to do, and look good.

There is no need to have your wooden floors professionally cleaned daily. Periodical professional cleaning and refinishing is recommended to avoid sanding, especially if your floors are engineered so you can avoid replacing them and save the world on the way. You can only have them sanded 2 or 3 times, so maintenance is important.

Your lacquered floor can be protected with acrylic polish and your oiled floor can simply be re-oiled. Just give is a call 020 8166 5947 for free advice or drop a quick email with the enquiry.


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